How to Choose: Grey Limestones from Portugal

There is quite some choice in Portugal when it comes to grey limestones. But not all options are ideal, especially when it comes to certain projects. The Azul Valverde limestone used to be on the top of the list but now, it’s the Moleanos B1 that leads the way.

The Portuguese market is quite competitive in the grey limestone department and there are four particular picks that present remarkable features in terms of quality, versatility and availability. The list includes Moleanos Blue, Moleanos B1, Moleanos B3 and the Perlato limestone. Overall, these natural stones display a quite uniform background, with a very high durability and a quite consistent grey or light grey colour. The presence of natural elements, such as fossils and calcite, is also a persistent characteristic. The now inexistent Azul Valverde used to be one of the most popular grey limestones from Portugal. But now, it’s one of its direct alternatives that is making up to the top – the Moleanos B1, which is one of the most uniform grey limestones from Portugal, with a growing demand and popularity.

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