Introducing the Azul Valverde Grey Limestone

The Azul Valverde is a dark grey coloured limestone from Portugal. It is currently a fairly known grey coloured limestone, mainly due to the beautiful coloured and appearance of this limestone, but also due to the lack of reliable competitors in the market. We introduce you to this limestone here:


The Moca Cream is explored around the area of Valverde – Portugal by few quarries with small dimension. The extraction is done by layers and each quarry presents several different variations of the same limestone. This area where the Azul Valverde is extracted is at the core of the main limestone extraction area in Portugal, where other major limestones such as the Moleanos or Moca Cream are extracted.

Due to its beautiful dark grey colour and lack of reliable competitor, the Azul Valverde enjoys a great international demand at present.

View of Blocks on Quarry


It is a real challenge to describe the main variations of the Azul Valverde, mainly because there are too many. Each quarry presents a diverse range of variations, all available in small quantities. Despite this, we present below two of the most common variations that are being currently extracted.

Azul Valverde Common Variations


This limestone is extremely versatile and can accept well a great range of finishing. And the interesting part is that many of these finishings maintain the original colour of the Azul Valverde. On the picture below you can see three of the most common finishings of this limestone, but there are many more.

To find out more details about the most common finishing used for this limestone, you can check our amazing article about Azul Valverde finishing.

Azul Valverde Finishings


The Azul Valverde is a limestone with a growing demand worldwide. Despite having limited availability, this limestone keep growing on the international market, which raises serious questions about its future sustainability. Nonetheless, we present here some of the most important markets for this limestone:

China: This market imports large amounts of blocks, for transformation into slabs for the domestic market

USA: This is a major standard tile consumer and importer of Azul Valverde

North of Europe: There is considerable demand in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and others for dark coloured stones, which includes the Azul Valverde.


The Azul Valverde is not such a great stone technically. Despite being a fairly hard limestone, the Azul Valverde has a fairly weak structure and if exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it may change its natural colour.

But despite these limitations, there is widespread use of this limestone on a diversity of applications such as interior flooring, coverings, bath design, etc. If applied on exteriors, it is highly recommended that the limestone is protected with some type of sealant, and if possible that it has a specific finishing to be used outside.

Azul Valverde Applications