The grey limestones that we present on this website have several aspected in common: they have a dark grey fairly uniform colour, with small darker spots and quite some elements that define its classification. They all present slight colour variation that is normally organised per classification.

While the Gris Pardo present 3 main variations (light colour, dark colour and thick grain type), the Moleanos B1 is a more uniform type with minimum variation. Both Gris Pardo and Moleanos B1 are harder limestones, with the latter being even recommended for exterior flooring use.

Below you will find below pictures of all these variations and direct alternatives to the Azul Valverde limestone.

  • Gris Pardo Limestone

    Gris Pardo Limestone

  • Gris Pardo Dark Limestone

    Gris Pardo Dark Limestone

  • Moleanos B1 Limestone

    Moleanos B1 Limestone

  • Gris Perlato Limestone

    Gris Perlato Limestone

Extraction Area

The Gris Pardo and its 3 main variations (Gris Pardo, Gris Pardo Dark and Gris Perlato) are extracted around the area of Lourinha, which is located in the southwest part of Portugal, a little bit north of Lisbon.

On the other hand, the Moleanos B1 is extracted not far from the original Azul Valverde quarries, within the boundaries of the Serra D´Aire and Candeeiros natural park, further northeast from the Gris Pardo extraction area.