Most Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

Despite being almost nonexistent, the Azul Valverde is still a reference limestone with a substantial interest from the international market. This grey limestone from Portugal is now being replaced by two direct alternatives, which present technical properties very similar to the Azul Valverde.

The Azul Valverde has a very short availability and will be soon non-existent on the market. This is happening because the quarries did not develop in a favorable way, therefore the extraction quality has been substantially dropping in the last few years. The Azul Valverde presents a uniform background and a considerable hardness, as well as an intense grey colour and a unique appearance displayed by the natural elements, like shells and fossils. With this level of refinement, is no surprise that the Azul Valverde is still quite popular. However, in the present days, the Azul Valverde is rather rare and is widely substituted by its two direct alternatives, the Gris Pardo and the Moleanos B1. Check the other highlighted limestones in our network this Autumn: Jura Beige, Moca Cream, Jura Grey and Moleanos.

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Gris Pardo Limestone