Commercial Names for Azul Valverde Limestone

The Azul Valverde is a reference grey coloured limestone from Portugal. Despite having a limited supply, this limestone has managed to get an incredible reputation in the past few years, mainly due to its unique character and looks. This international recognition has led to the creation of different commercial names for the same limestone.

In this article, we try to present some of the main commercial names that are currently used for this limestone:

Azul Valverde Tile Detail

– Azul Valverde: the original and official name of this limestone, which is named after the town of Valverde, where most quarries are located. The Azul is a reference to the colour blue.

– Blue Valverde: the English name for this limestone.

– Azul Monica: this was named after a lady that used to work for one of the largest quarries of Azul Valverde in the region.

– Gris Valverde (or Grey Valverde): an alternative name that refers directly to the grey colour of this limestone.

– Valverde limestone: another name that is commonly used for the Azul Valverde, mainly used for export.

– Blue Valley: a commercial name given by some companies, mainly with export purposes.

– Lagos Blue (or Blue Lagos): this is how the Azul Valverde is most commonly known on the US market.